Esperanza Vicente, LMT

Esperanza completed her training as a Somatic Massage Therapist in 2020 from the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. 

Her training emphasized a client-centered, holistic and integrative approach, informed by the latest science in pain, touch, somatic psychology, and interoception. Her training was trauma-informed and focused on developing embodied presence and conscious awareness as a therapist.

She welcomes each client as a unique individual and enjoys working together to create an empowered therapeutic environment and a customized restorative session incorporating a variety of modalities such as: LomiLomi, Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Cranial Sacral, Neuromuscular (NMT), CTM, and Reflexology.

She is also a certified Yogalign teacher, specializing in posture alignment and natural yoga-based movement and breathing practices.

In addition to being an LMT, Esperanza co-owns and manages her own organic farm and food co-operative with her partner. She is passionate about regenerative land stewardship and growing organic food and herbal medicine for her community.

Esperanza Vicente LMT

Jonathan Cobb

A lifelong learner, Jonathan was brought into the massage world by invitation from an accomplished Thai Yoga therapist. He received his certification in 2019 from Golden Lotus Massage Studio in Kapaa, Hawaii, and is practiced in many modalities.


Every client has different needs, so Jonathan intuitively blends his knowledge of multiple Lomi Lomi styles, Swedish massage, deep tissue work, and Thai Yoga therapy to create a deep healing experience in each session. 


Outside of the massage studio, Jonathan also works as a kayak guide on the Wailua River, Kauai's traditional spiritual center. His love for the Wailua area (from which Two Waters derives its name) is what has kept him rooted on the little island of Kauai for the last seven years. Every journey up the Wailua river is a sacred pilgrimage —just as, potentially, every massage session is a deep journey in healing.


During his free time, Jonathan enjoys staying active, including practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hiking, and flowing with the rhythms of the island to find the perfect moments of beauty that Kauai has to offer. If you book with Jonathan, perhaps one of those perfect moments of beauty will be shared together in the massage studio!

Jonathan Cobb, LMT

Asta graduated from the Santa Fe School of Massage (former Scherer Institute of Natural Healing) in 2019, where she worked with a diverse group of clients in the clinic and served the Santa Fe community in several spa settings. She also earned a Ph.D. in Healthcare management from the Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, IQUIM in 2011.


Asta believes the body has an amazing ability to self-heal, particularly when properly guided and encouraged. During and after her sessions, clients report experiencing a deep sense of peace, calm, and healing. She intuitively applies various techniques, pressures, and speed to suit the individual needs of her clients. She is experienced in Mani Lomi, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Release, Structural Integration, Prenatal Massage, Acupressure, Polarity, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Shiatsu.


Asta enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, and Quantum Medicine. 


Asta is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Medicine Woman with over a decade of experience with remote healing work, energy medicine based on the quantum medicine model, and spiritual dowsing. She believes in the Wholeness Model of healing and the importance of including consciousness in the process of seeking optimal health.


Asta feels so blessed and grateful to be brought to practice & share healing arts to this magical island of Kauai, so abundant in its beauty and mana.

Asta Rackauskaite, LMT


Jayme Walden

Jayme moved to the island of Kaua’i in 2019 and completed her training at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork, an 800 hour massage therapy program emphasizing embodiment, presence, and therapeutic alliance.


Jayme has always had a strong connection to nature and her interest in wild places have taken her to remote places around the world. She has sat in sacred medicine circles in the Amazon and fished along Alaskan rivers and ocean for over a decade.

She received her Usui/Holy/Fire Reiki ART/Master training in 2015, and has taken several workshops with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is currently studying Mediumship with world renowned medium, James Van Praagh.

Jayme is an artist and sees the world as her own blank canvas. When she’s not wrangling her 2 year old, she enjoys surfing, snorkeling, exercise/yoga/meditation, metalsmithing/jewelry making, printmaking, bike riding, traveling, gardening, and cooking delicious healthy food.

Jayme intuitively combines a wide variety of Therapeutic Massage techniques, including Swedish, deep-tissue, Lomi-Lomi, and Shiatsu. She maintains a healthy body and mind so that she can be a clear channel for Universal Energy to flow through her. When needed, she utilizes spiritual practices to help remove unwanted negative/tension and restore holistic balance. It brings her great joy to be of service to others on their healing journey and looks forward to working with you!.

Jayme Walden LMT